Prince Philip wants to let people who are working to help the world in the midst of COVID-19 know that he appreciates their efforts! On Monday, the Duke of Edinburgh— who is currently self-isolating at Windsor Castle with Queen Elizabeth II— issued a rare statement through the Royal Family's official website. In it, he acknowledges those who are contributing to providing assistance in different fields when it comes to dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

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Philip thanks researchers for their "vital and urgent work"

Philip's statement, which was shared on the Royal Family's official social media accounts as well as their website, is divided into two sections thanking specific groups for their work. In the first portion, Philip extends his thanks to the medical professionals and scientists who are directly working to combat coronavirus.

"As we approach World Immunisation Week, I wanted to recognize the vital and urgent work being done by so many to tackle the pandemic; by those in the medical and scientific professions, at universities and research institutions, all united in working to protect us from COVID-19," Philip wrote.

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Philip extends gratitude towards workers on the front lines

Philip's second part of his statement sees him showing gratitude to another group whose efforts are important in a different way— those who are working on the front lines to provide essential services.

"On behalf of those of us who remain safe and at home," Philip said, "I also wanted to thank all key workers who ensure the infrastructure of our life continues; the staff and volunteers working in food production and distribution, those keeping postal and delivery services going, and those ensuring the rubbish continues to be collected".

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As Hello! reports, despite having retired from royal duties, Philip still has affiliations with over 750 organizations, which include the London School of Hygiene and Medicine and The Royal Academy of Engineering. The royal's last public appearance was in 2019, when he was seen at Lady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Windsor's wedding alongside the Queen and Prince Harry.

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