Prince William and Duchess Kate's most recent digital engagement saw them take part in a fun video call! As Hello! shares, the royals enjoyed a virtual game of Pictionary with students and staff from a girls' school in Pakistan, and a good time seemed to be had by everyone involved!

William and Kate paid 2019 royal visit to school

Prince William and Duchess Kate enjoyed playing the game with the SOS Children's Village and Islamabad Model College for Girls, which they have a meaningful connection to! That's because as Hello! mentions, the couple visited the school during their 2019 royal tour to Pakistan. 

Their Pictionary game was shared on Instagram by the official Kensington Royal account, and said to have taken place at some point last week. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were the designated guessers for the game— something that William was grateful for! "I'm very glad you guys are drawing and we're not having to draw," he admitted, while struggling to figure out the students were attempting to illustrate.

William says Kate is a better artist than him

William was asked by one of the students if he and Kate enjoy drawing pictures themselves! "Yes, definitely, we both like a little bit of drawing," he responded. He also revealed that their artistic skills aren't equivalent! "Catherine is very good, but I am really bad," William said.

After his answer was questioned, Kate explained that William hadn't had much practice drawing, which he said was "very true." It wasn't all fun and games for William and Kate though, as they also talked to the students and staff about an important topic— how things are faring at their school in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made sure to thank those working at the girls' school for the work they've been doing during this challenging time. And as Hello! points out, Kate's outfit was reminiscent of the shalwar kameez— a traditional Pakistani tunic— she wore back in 2019!

See the fun video of Prince William and Duchess Kate playing Pictionary here!

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