On day two of their royal tour of Ireland, Duchess Catherine and Prince William visited a reception held by Simon Coveney, the Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland, at the Museum of Literature in Dublin.

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At the event, Prince William gave a speech in which he reminded the people of Ireland and the UK that - in post-Brexit times - personal bonds between the two people are "more essential" than legal treaties.

Prince William at the Museum of Literature in Dublin.

Prince William: UK & Ireland Need To "Work Together"

In his keynote speech, Prince William called for unity in tough times: "Of course, the changing relationship between the UK and the EU will require us to work together, to ensure that the relationship between Ireland and the UK remains just as strong."

He went on to say that "legal treaties are vital in underpinning the relationships between states. But relationships between people are equally, if not more, essential - especially between the people of our two countries, whose lives, histories and futures are so deeply intertwined."

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The Duke of Cambridge also vowed that the royal family wants to be part of the process: "My family is determined to continue playing our part in protecting, preserving and strengthening that bond."

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