Prince William was a guest on footballer Peter Crouch's podcast and revealed some hilarious information regarding a not so great gift that he gave his wife, Kate Middleton. 

During the conversation surrounding the importance of mental health in professional sports and his campaign Heads Up, the Duke seemed to be rather enjoying himself and revealed some pretty funny information!

Prince William Bought Kate Binoculars

After former England footballer Peter Crouch admitted to buying his wife a raincoat three years running, Prince William confessed a peculiar gift he once bought Duchess Catherine. "I did get my wife a pair of binoculars once - she's never let me forget that," he said. 

"That was early on in the courtship that was. I wrapped them. They were really nice. I was trying to convince myself about it. I was like, 'but these are really amazing, look how far you can see!' She was looking at me going, 'they're binoculars, what's going on?'. It didn't go well. Honestly, I have no idea why I bought her a pair of binoculars," the Duke of Cambridge continued. 

The gift didn't seem to put Kate off at all as the couple celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary back in April of this year. They are truly one of the most loved members of the British Royal Family! 

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Check out more of William's appearance on the podcast below. 

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