• Prince William and Harry continue to feud
  • Even the death of the Queen could not appease the situation
  • Who should take the first step?

Prince William and Prince Harry still seem to not be on good terms with each other. Since Harry emigrated to the United States with his wife Duchess Meghan (41) and turned his back on the royal family, the mood between the brothers has not been the best.

Even the death of their beloved grandparents Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth could not permanently weld the brothers together again. Royal expert Duncan Larcombe sees it absolutely unfit for the future king to keep grudges against a family member, especially a brother. 

Prince William must do something or else...

Prince William is clearly responsible for the delivery, although his little brother probably poured most of the fuel into that fire with his public stunts, or at least that is what the expert Larcombe thinks. 

"William has just become Prince of Wales. He will be our king, and it does not look good if he cannot sort out the problems with his brother", Larcombe told True Royalty TV.

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As the future leader and king of Great Britain, William should be able to take the first step towards fixing that relationship.

Still, for Larcombe, Harry is the primary culprit in this discord, as he and his wife would "sell their entire royal brand to the highest bidder".

An important factor in the brothers' reconciliation will likely be Harry's memoir, which will soon be released. According to Royal biographer Angela Levin, however, William won't take a step toward his brother until seeing what will be revealed in his biography, as The Sun reports.