• King Charles III plans some changes in the royal family
  • Princess Anne does not agree with some of them
  • THIS is what she criticizes about her brother's plans

The king's sister, Princess Anne, in particular, is not happy about the changes. In an interview with the Canadian broadcaster CBC, the daughter of the late Queen († 96) spoke about the future with King Charles at the helm.

Princess Anne is not on board here!

"Well, you know what you're getting because he's been practising for a bit, and I don't think he'll change. You know, he is committed to his own level of service, and that will remain true," Anne said. Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the British have not been as kind to the royal family as they used to be.

Also interesting:

To win back public trust, King Charles III is streamlining the monarchy. However, Princess Anne is far from happy with this change, as she explained in the interview: "It doesn't sound like a good idea from where I'm standing, I would say..."

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