• Princess Diana read everything written about her
  • She asked a journalist to come to the palace to talk
  • She disliked the article that had been written about her

Ask anyone and without a doubt, they will respond that Princess Diana was one of the most, if not the most, influential royals of her time. Being the Princess of Wales she had to attend multiple charities, events, and meetings and had countless interactions with all kinds of people.

The Princess Of The People

Diana earned this title by showing the public a sincere, approachable, humane, and kind side of herself. However, according to ‘Hello!’, she started as a shy nursery teacher’s assistant and it seems that she never lost her shyness.

How Princess Diana Described Life As A Royal

Ingrid Seward told ‘Hello!’ that she got called into the royal palace to have a “girly chat” with Diana about an article she had written about her. Diana did not like the article and wanted to show Ingrid who she really was.

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