Like Mother Like Son. According to one of Princess Diana's closest associates, the attitudes and decisions of her son, Prince Harry, somewhat reflect the wishes of the late Princess of Wales. Apparently, Lady Diana greatly influenced the rebellious behavior of her son towards the protocols of the British Royal Family, something that was more than proven after the untimely exit of Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, from their senior royal duties.

This is how Princess Diana influenced Harry's "royal" rebellion

In an interview taken from Express, Darren McGrady, Princess Diana's former personal chef, pointed out certain similarities between the rebellious behavior of "the people's Princess" and her youngest son.

Princess Diana and her son, Harry, during the VJ Day celebrations.

"Harry is so like his mother. She was so, ‘This is what I’m going to do because it’s the right thing ‒ what do you mean it isn’t the official way ‒ not protocol," McGrady commented. "Harry is the same with Meghan, whereas William would be more, ‘What can we do here?’ and the advisers, or grey suits as Diana used to call them, would have advised him."

Interestingly, Harry has commented in his close circle about how difficult it was to act within the protocol of the Crown and how much he is influenced by royal advisers, whom the prince and his wife called "vipers" according to an excerpt from the controversial book Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family.

Diana "connected with Harry more": Lady Diana's personal chef

According to McGrady, Princess Diana was always eternally close to her youngest son, with whom she says she "connected with Harry more."

Princess Diana and her son, Harry, on their arrival at the Silverstone Grand Prix in 1994.

"She always used to say, 'William is deep like his dad and stubborn and Harry is a hothead like me: he does the first thing that comes into his head. They will look after the heir and I will look after the spare,'" said the personal chef.

If Darren McGrady's comments are true, taken up this week by Express, no one should be surprised by Harry's decision to separate from the royal family and start a family of his own far from the royal protocol. Apparently that's one of the things the Duke of Sussex comes by honestly.

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