• Princess Kate's fashion is always closely analyzed
  • She's gone through many trends and phases over the years
  • You never see her wear a certain accessory anymore...

Princess Kate is a style role model for women around the world. Her looks are often admired and replicated. And it's matching accessories that give her perfect outfits the finishing touch. 

However, Kate is said to have completely banished a certain item from her closet. We're talking about the headband.

Why Princess Kate has banned the headband

These days, Kate prefers to only wear hats. But why? Fashion expert Miranda Holder explains to the Mirror:

"Since working closely with her friend and stylist Natasha Archer to develop her own personal brand, [headbands] have had no place in her wardrobe."

Kate's clothes are now even more elegant and classic. The style choice should distract less at royal engagements, reports the Mirror.

Also interesting:

The late Queen Elizabeth II certainly serves as a style role model. She always wore chic hats during public appearances.

After the death of the monarch, Kate is no longer just the Duchess of Cambridge. She was also made the Princess of Wales.

Her husband Prince William will one day become King of the UK. As the woman at his side, Kate's change in fashion continues to prepare her for her upcoming role in the monarchy.

As you can see, her taste in jewelry is trending toward simple and minimal models...

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