• Prince Harry is giving new interviews to promote his book
  • He made scandalous allegations in a talk with Anderson Cooper
  • A body language expert spotted interesting details in the trailer

Everyone is waiting for Prince Harry's new TV interview with great excitement. He will be discussing his new autobiography with host Anderson Cooper on the CBS show 60 Minutes.

A body language expert has now analyzed Harry's behaviour in the interview, as seen in the trailer. Judi James explains three scenes from the interview to Express...

What Prince Harry's body language says in new CBS interview

In the trailer, Prince Harry can be seen walking with Anderson Cooper. The royal gestures with his right hand while casually keeping his other hand in his pocket. 

According to the expert, Harry is in "traditional regal mode." Politicians in particular use this gesture to express power and dominance over others.

Also interesting:

The trailer also shows Prince Harry seated in a chair and making an animated gesture. "Here he is using a grand, overkill gesture, miming a huge circle with his hands," explains Judi James. 

This is "typical Harry," she says, because he tends to make circular movements with his hands. "It suggests a desire to explain that is slightly superior, like a guru or coach."

Expert: Prince Harry communicates that he's a "victim" 

In another scene, however, Prince Harry is vulnerable and submissive. The body language expert explains:

"This looks like victim Harry, making himself more submissive to his host, speaking with his left palm held upwards and then the right to suggest balance but with an air of disbelief and persuasion."

Royal fans are curious about the topics Prince Harry will cover in the interview, and if his comments will cause further scandal for the British Royal Family...

See more in the video above.