• Prince Harry is dishing out against the royals again
  • In a new interview, there are further allegations
  • Charles doesn't like that at all

Prince Harry's accusations don't seem to stop - in an interview with ITV and CBS 60 Minutes he takes shots once again against his family. Thus, he stated that his royal relatives have shown "no willingness to reconcile".

King Charles deeply shocked by Prince Harry's allegations

Prince Harry also admitted that he would like his father King Charles (74) and his brother Prince William (38) back. For Charles, however, those words hurt. As an insider told the Telegraph, the monarch was "deeply saddened."

King Charles was very sad about his son's statements - and he had always shown him care. The Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan was also reportedly very disappointing for Harry's father.

Also interesting:

Nevertheless, Charles would have promised his son and his wife again and again that they would always be welcome in the family. He wanted to prevent further disputes. While London seems to be hoping for a reconciliation, the United States continues to fire against the British royal family.

In a few days, Prince Harry's memoir Spare will be published which will certainly give his relatives a few more stings.