• Prince Harry still holds the title of the Duke of Sussex
  • A poll asked people in the UK if he should give up the title
  • Many voters were unhappy with Harry after his documentary

Since Prince Harry turned his back on the Royal Family together with his wife Duchess Meghan, his popularity with the British people has been falling.

There was a time when the Prince was beloved in his country, but he is now one of the most disliked royals.

And it turns out many would love to see his royal status revoked immediately. This was made clear in a new survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of The Times.

Poll results: Should Prince Harry lose his royal title?

A full 44 percent voted that Prince Harry should give up his royal title. While 32 percent were in favour of him keeping it.

Even in direct competition with Prince William and Princess Kate, Harry and Meghan are performing worse and worse. 

Only 17 percent find the royal dropouts more likeable than the heir to the throne and his wife. 44 percent hold the opposite opinion.

Also interesting:

The reason for the harsh feelings is probably the Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan, which recently premiered.

23 percent of respondents said they like Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan less since the documentary.

For Harry, it's certainly a low blow, because his home country means a lot to him despite everything.

And his upcoming memoir Spare likely won't change those poll numbers for the better...

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