• Harry & Meghan is on Netflix
  • In the documentary, the royals reveal personal details
  • These revelations came out of the documentary

Six episodes, countless private pictures and videos as well as statements that have been shocking - the documentary Harry & Meghan had a lot to offer. Above all, these revelations by the couple made headlines. We have them listed for you.

Documentary Harry & Meghan: There were these revelations

1. Meghan's first major media frenzy. For a long time, Meghan and Harry managed to keep their relationship secret. When they went public, it became dangerous for the Duchess. She was followed by paparazzi and needed security at work. Even her friends and family were caught in the crossfire.

2. The prejudices of British royals. Duchess Meghan soon met her boyfriend's family. At first, she had the impression that everything was going well. However, things quickly changed. Prince Harry explains that the royals have "a huge level of unconscious bias."

3. Kate and William's first impressions. Duchess Kate and Prince William do not come off particularly well in the documentary. For example, Meghan reports from her first meeting with the two that she was surprised by Kate's formality: "I guess I'd start to understand very quickly that the formality on the outside, carried through on the inside."

William, Kate, Harry and Meghan at the Commonwealth Day Service 2019

4. The drama surrounding Meghan's father. Thomas Markle made a number of headlines because of posed pictures or statements about Meghan. He didn't even come to Britain for his daughter's wedding, instead, he was in the hospital – which Meghan only found out about through the media. She tried to contact her father, but someone else reportedly answered her on his number.

5. The British royals and the press. When Meghan finally became part of the royal family, she was not spared by the media. According to Harry, there is a system behind it and even Prince William participated in the "dirty game".

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Harry and Meghan against the royals - lies, press and prejudice

6. The withdrawal from royal life. According to Harry and Meghan, their retirement from the royal family went differently than was reported. So the royals knew before the announcement on social media. In the subsequent crisis talks, Meghan is said to have been deliberately excluded and Harry is said to have even been screamed at by William.

To learn about the last two... watch the video above!