• The new Harry & Meghan series discusses racism in the Royal Family
  • They revisited when a royal wore racist jewelry around Meghan
  • Prince Harry says his family has "a huge level of unconscious bias"

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry's documentary has it all! The first three episodes of the Netflix series premiered on Dec. 8, and they're already making big waves.

In the first episodes, some accusations are made against the British royals. For instance, Meghan recalls her first Christmas at Sandringham with the royals, which she says went very well.

Meghan enjoyed her first royal Christmas until...

Shortly after, however, it became known that the wife of one of the Queen's cousins wore a racist brooch to the ceremony.

Prince Harry explains in the documentary: "In this family, sometimes you are part of the problem rather than part of the solution. There is a huge level of unconscious bias."

At the same time, he clarifies: "The thing with unconscious bias: it is actually no one's fault."

Also interesting:

Harry himself already commented on having had prejudices, but he became aware of them through Meghan.

"But once it has been pointed out, or identified within yourself you then need to make it right. It is education. It is awareness," he adds.

Prince Harry revisits his Nazi costume controversy

Prince Harry also makes reference in the documentary to his past mistakes, such as showing up to a costume party in a Nazi uniform.

"It was probably one of the biggest mistakes of my life," he says. "I felt so ashamed afterwards."

Now, Harry stands up against racism and prejudice together with his wife Meghan.

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