• Princess Madeleine finally arrived in Sweden
  • She is reunited with the Swedish Royal Family
  • But Madeleine's husband and son aren't with her

Princess Madeleine was eagerly awaited in Sweden on the occasion of her 40th birthday. It was unclear if she would actually make the trip, but Margareta Thorgren, the royal house's chief information officer, now announced that Madeleine has landed.

Also along for the ride are her two daughters, Princess Leonore and Princess Adrienne. But there is a catch. Her husband Chris O'Neill and son Prince Nicolas did not make the trip. They're still at home in Florida.

Why Princess Madeleine is in Sweden without her husband

Princess Madeleine will then miss her son's 7th birthday on June 15. This was not planned. On the contrary: "The plan was for the whole family to arrive today," Margareta Thorgren tells Expressen.

So what happened? "Prince Nicolas had pain in his ears and was not fit to fly. That's why father Chris O'Neill will come on Friday with his son," says the royal official.

Also interesting:

Surely the little royal will miss his mom and his two sisters, but a big birthday party in Sweden will certainly make up for it.

Princess Madeleine and her son could even celebrate together. The youngest daughter of King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia had celebrated her birthday on June 10 still in the US.

In any case, as soon as Chris O'Neill and Prince Nicolas arrive in Sweden, the family will have time to relax, because they are staying in Sweden "for the whole summer," the royal court announced.

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