• Queen Camilla shares update on King Charles 
  • Ahead of hospital treatment
  • The king is "fine"

The royal grapevine is buzzing with news that's got everyone talking! Queen Camilla (76), our ever-graceful monarch, has made a dazzling public appearance at the Aberdeen Art Gallery. But it wasn't just the art that had people whispering—it was the King's health that took center stage.

Latest royal news:

When the Lord Provost inquired, Camilla, with the poise of a queen, assured, "He’s fine, thank you very much. Looking forward to getting back to work." Talk about keeping calm and carrying on!

Royal watchers were on the edge of their seats when Buckingham Palace dropped the bombshell—King Charles (75) is set to undergo a procedure for an enlarged prostate. Oh my! But fear not, the palace assures it's benign.

The plot thickened when, just moments earlier, Kensington Palace spilled that the Princess of Wales had her own tummy troubles, undergoing abdominal surgery. When it rains, it pours!

King Charles takes break from royal duties amid health pause

King Charles, who's been busy with his King's Foundation charity, had to hit the pause button on his royal duties. Dinners, meetings, the whole shebang—postponed! Guests were left checking their schedules as the palace played the transparency card, letting everyone in on the King's condition.


Meanwhile, Charles is chilling at Birkhall, his Scottish hideaway, reportedly in "good spirits" and "good form." And who's by his side? None other than our Queen Camilla, proving that love conquers all—even a royal health hiccup.

Royal advocacy: King's call to action on prostate health

The King's not keeping secrets, either. He's all about spreading the word, encouraging other gents to get checked for prostate issues. Now that's what we call noble!

And let's not forget those pesky symptoms. The NHS lists trouble starting to pee, a weak flow, and the dreaded "stop-start" among the signs. But there's hope! From lifestyle tweaks to surgery, there are ways to tackle this royal pain.

Last spotted at a church service, the royal couple has been nesting in Scotland since ringing in the New Year. Here's to a speedy recovery for our King, and a hat tip to Queen Camilla for keeping the royal ship steady!