• Queen Camilla is injured
  • She broke her toe
  • Nevertheless, she keeps her head high

King Charles III and his wife Camilla have to attend to many things right now. Since the Queen's death, the couple has been traveling around the country as royal heads, holding meetings and mourning appointments.

Queen Camilla broke her toe

Queen consort Camilla is tackling these official appearances with an injury - she broke her toe. This injury occurred before the Queen's death. "It was unfortunate timing, but she handled it absolutely bravely." The Sun quoted a royal source.

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Because although she should take it easy, King's wife Camilla is brave at the side of King Charles III as she walks with heels. "She will not be deterred from her duty and what she must do for the king, family, and country", the source told The Sun.

Camilla and Charles have to make some visits to the country before the funeral of the Queen. They are currently expected in Wales. A funeral service is held in Cardiff.