• Queen Elizabeth II died in 2022
  • She was very eccentric
  • Many fans don't know THIS

She particularly relishing the moments when things didn't go as planned. This surprising trait added an unexpected spice to her otherwise meticulously organized royal existence.

A Queen Without Ego

Samantha Cohen, affectionately nicknamed 'Samantha Panther' by the queen herself, opened up to Australia's Herald Sun about the monarch's down-to-earth nature and her ability to find joy in the imperfections of life.

"The Queen had no ego, she was so comfortable in herself, yet she loved it when things went wrong," Cohen remarked. Whether it was a stubborn cake that wouldn't cut or a plaque that refused to unveil, these minor mishaps brought a spark of excitement to the queen's eyes, proving that even royalty appreciates a break from perfection.

Not only did Queen Elizabeth show a remarkable sense of humor and humility, but she also demonstrated an enthusiastic openness to new technology. Cohen recalled the monarch's excitement over the idea of launching a royal family YouTube account, a suggestion that was met with an emphatic "Fantastic" from the queen.

This pioneering move even preceded similar initiatives by The Vatican and the White House, showcasing the queen's forward-thinking approach.

Cohen's relationship with the queen extended beyond professional boundaries, sharing personal moments and enjoying privileges like staying at Windsor Castle and spending Christmas at Sandringham.

"The Queen and I used to talk a lot. I miss her, she was a special woman," Cohen shared, reflecting on the deep bond they shared.While Cohen's tenure with the queen was filled with cherished memories, her subsequent role as private secretary to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex ended amidst reports of a harsh departure in October 2019.

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Though she refrained from commenting on these reports, it was confirmed that she was interviewed by Buckingham Palace following a bullying complaint, adding a layer of controversy to her otherwise celebrated career