• Queen Letizia of Spain has a top figure
  • She works hard for it, especially with sports
  • Her training schedule is so tough

Queen Letizia, 49, is a true fashion queen – after all, she can wear just about anything with her slender body. But to keep her appearance in top form, she has to stick to a strict training schedule.

For a Queen Letizia body: Lots of sports and a strict diet

Queen Letizia of Spain goes to great lengths to keep her body in peak condition. One of her secrets is lots of sports.

Seven days a week, the European royal works out at the palace gym, according to insiders. Her program includes endurance training, strength training, boxing, and yoga.

Also interesting:

Queen Letizia is also very careful when eating. Above all, she avoids one thing: sugar. The royal likes to cook for herself, and a few dishes are simply not allowed on her table. These include chocolate and sausages.

With such an intense training schedule, it's hardly surprising that 49-year-old Queen Letizia has six-pack abs – which she recently showed in a dress with cutouts.