• Queen Letizia attended a session in Mérida
  • She chose an elegant look
  • But Letizia wasn't the only one in the dress

Queen Letizia, 49, is considered a true icon when it comes to choosing her wardrobe. The Queen of Spain also looked gorgeous at a new public appearance in Mérida. But how does the Queen of Spain react when another woman has chosen the same look?

Queen Letizia: Unwanted partner look!

In Mérida, Queen Letizia attended the 30th session of the Royal Board on Disability Council. There she looked, as always, super elegant and beautiful. She wore a black and white dress, black pumps, and a matching belt that accentuated her waist.

But then the unthinkable: the queen was not the only one wearing the dress from the Spanish label Mango. Inmaculada Vivas-Tesón, a professor of law, appeared in the same exact model and also wore black pumps.

Queen Letizia wore the same dress as award-winner Inmaculada Vivas Teson

For many women that would certainly have been THE fashion nightmare par excellence - but not for the Spanish queen and the professor.

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Queen Letizia and Inmaculada Vivas-Tesón took their unwanted twin look with a lot of humour and laughed heartily at the coincidence.

But the chic dress also suits each of them really well.