• The royals are known to live lavishly
  • But how rich are they really?
  • King Felipe of Spain just revealed his fortune

Who hasn't wondered how rich Europe's monarchs really are? They live in magnificent palaces and wear dreamy clothes and jewels — but do they also have a large fortune at their disposal? The Spanish royal house just answered this very question.

As reported by The Times, among others, the court published the list of assets of King Felipe. After the scandal of King Juan Carlos, they want to make the monarchy more transparent and modern. So just how rich is the head of state?

Revealed: That's how rich King Felipe is

In total, King Felipe is said to be worth around €2.6 million ($2.8 million). Of this, around €2.3 million is in investment accounts and savings, and he is said to have around 300,000 euros worth of art, jewelry and related objects. So Felipe does not belong to the ranks of the richest celebrities.

Felipe's fortune comes mainly from his allowances, which he received for his role as monarch and previously as Crown Prince. When it comes to salary and assets, Felipe takes a different path than his father. In 2015, Queen Letizia's husband even reduced his salary by 20 percent to around €235,000. He also stated that he did not want to accept future inheritances from his disgraced father.

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We can only guess how much Europe's other royals are worth. In general, the Spanish royals are not known for flaunting their luxury excessively. They always purchase outfits from reasonable chains and even Letizia tends not to overdo her style.

King Felipe has been on the throne of Spain since 2014. In his work, he is supported by his wife Queen Letizia. The two have been married since 2004 and have two daughters together: Leonor, 16, and Sofia, 14.

Princess Leonor is heir to the throne and will one day follow in her father's footsteps. Whether she will follow his path when it comes to royal finances remains to be seen.