• Donald Trump feels the queen should strip Harry and Meghan's titles
  • He doesn't think the British monarch has been rigorous enough
  • Trump considers Prince Harry to be a disgrace to the royals

Donald Trump believes Queen Elizabeth II should revoke Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's titles. As the Daily Mail shares, the former U.S. president doesn't think it's okay that the British prince and his wife can still call themselves the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, since they have stepped down from official duties as members of the Royal Family.

Trump accuses Harry of being "whipped" by Meghan

Trump therefore believes that the monarch should take rigorous action and take away all of her grandson's titles. He explained this in an interview with the controversial TV presenter Piers Morgan. 'The only thing I disagree with the Queen on - probably one of the only things ever - is that I think she should have said, if that's your choice, fine, but you no longer have titles, and frankly don't come around," he said.

Donald Trump has spoken out about Duchess Meghan

If he were king, he would not have allowed Harry and Meghan to emigrate to the United States as aristocrats, Trump continued on the show Uncensored. For the disgraced politician, the matter is clear— Harry is an "embarrassment" to the royal family. Furthermore, he believes that Harry's wife Meghan, with whom he is raising children Archie and Lilibet, is fooling him. 

Also interesting:

'Harry is whipped - do you know the expression, whipped?" Trump commented. "I won't use the full expression. But Harry is whipped like no person I think I've ever seen." This isn't the first time that the former president has spoken out against Meghan, as he has voiced his dislike of the royal and even slammed her for "disrespecting the Queen" with the things she chooses to do.