• Donald Trump wanted a date with Lady Diana
  • Trump tried to woo Diana by sending her flowers
  • Lady Diana did not appreciate his advances

When you associate Lady Diana with the White House, most people think of her dance routine with John Travolta during Ronald Reagan's tenure. Less well known is her connection to the White House through Donald Trump, who apparently had a thing for Lady Diana.

Lady Diana reportedly got "the creeps" from Trump

During the 1990s, they hung out in the same social circles and clashed at various charity events. After Diana's divorce from Prince Charles in 1996, Trump began sending her flowers to Kensington Palace. This information was shared by BBC presenter Selina Scott, who had been friends with Lady Diana since the 1980s. 


His advances were not particularly well-received by Diana, with Scott saying they gave her "the creeps". Lady Diana's death has been the subject of many myths and conspiracies, and Trump's book The Art of Comeback was published shortly after she passed. In it, he also mentioned the Queen of Hearts. "I only have one regret in the women department—that I never had the opportunity to court Lady Diana Spencer." said Trump. 

Also interesting:

Trump was fascinated by Diana and in his book, he referred to her as a real "princess" and "dream woman". In an interview with Howard Stern in 1997, the future president of the United States also said that Lady Diana had the beauty of a "supermodel".