• Princess Leonor is heir to the Spanish throne
  • She moved to a school in Wales last year
  • What's her life like as a student in Wales?

In a few weeks, Crown Princess Leonor of Spain, 16, will be back home for the Easter holidays. She's been living in Wales for six months and attends the UWC Atlantic College there. It's been a big change for Leonor, but how is her life as a student far from home?

Princess Leonor is said to have excellent grades

According to HOLA!, Princess Leonor received the results of her exams in early March. The hardworking and very confident Princess is said to have maintained excellent grades and adapted to life at school. COVID-19 measures were relaxed early this month, giving the Spanish royal more freedom.

For Princess Leonor, more freedom means that she can also make personal plans. There is a lot to discover in the vicinity of the castle. Students only need to report that they're going away and comply with the curfew. Like other first-year students, Princess Leonor will participate in the Spring Forward program, which includes tasks such as writing an essay for the next school year.

Also interesting:

HOLA! also says Princess Leonor is active on the school grounds herself. At school, she can work in greenhouses or take care of farm animals.

Something exciting awaits her after the Easter holiday, too: the students will go camping in the Welsh wilderness, with no cellphones and only the bare essentials. But before that happens, Princess Leonor is looking forward to seeing her family again in Spain.

Princess Leonor, who is the heir to the Spanish throne, is the eldest daughter of King Felipe and Queen Letizia.