• Charles is the King of Great Britain
  • Charles has been in the tabloids over and over for many different reasons
  • But he is also known for having a comical side above all things

His high-profile marriage to the late Princess Diana made him a recurring face in British media throughout the 90s. But he also become known for his spunk and spontaneity which have led to some comical anecdotes down the years. Here for you now are Charles' funniest moments!

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King Charles Has Brought The Laughs His Entire Adult Life

Royal Skiing Holiday, 1980

Back in 1980, Charles found himself in desperate need of a holiday and decided to go skiing in Switzerland! However, to avoid the press, Charles decided to wear a disguise, and put on a fake nose and mustache to go out. He was found out immediately, and made light of the whole thing by continuing to wear the disguise anyway!

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