• The Queen's coffin is incredibly heavy
  • That's why the pallbearer's job is so hard
  • This material is to blame

The coffin for Queen Elizabeth II was made by a specialist about 30 years ago. The piece weighs between 249 and 318 kilograms, 550 and 700 pounds respectively. The exact weight is not known, but estimates can be made based on the material.

In addition to expensive English oak, it is lined with lead on the inside.

Queen's coffin

That's why the Queen's coffin is so heavy

But why all this? According to Express, among others, the reason for this particularly heavy material is that no traditional funeral is planned for the monarch. Instead of this, she is to be buried in the memorial vault for King George IV.

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For this purpose, the walls of the coffin were strengthened with lead, since this is stored above ground and therefore requires additional protection. In addition, this should make it possible for the public to stay longer. Finally, the lead prevents premature decomposition and thus unpleasant odors.

Additional pallbearers were needed for the Queen

Instead of the usual six pallbearers, this royal funeral needed eight pallbearers to transport Queen Elizabeth II from the carriage to Westminster Hall. 

The heavy load was clearly visible on the coffin bearers.