• The Queen's funeral took place on September 19
  • The monarch's last wish was fulfilled here
  • She had a funeral with her closest family 

Throughout her life, the Queen had to divide herself - on the one hand, she was a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, on the other hand, the monarch of her kingdom.

Queen Elizabeth II: This was the Queen's last wish

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her coffin was available to the public for several days so the people could say goodbye to the royal.

Her loved ones, on the other hand, had to refrain from saying goodbye without cameras during the procession. However, the final step of her funeral belonged only to her and her family. This was the last wish of Queen Elizabeth II: a funeral only for her closest family members.

After the world watched her coffin being lowered into the crypt of St. George's Chapel, the TV broadcast ended at this point.

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Later that evening, the Queen and her late husband Prince Philip were reburied in a private ceremony and eventually laid to rest in a side chapel.

The Queen's funeral was meticulously planned

Like everything on September 19, this was also planned in advance involving the Queen and according to her personal wishes, but also according to royal tradition.

"She wouldn't have wanted that pomp and ceremony for herself, but she recognized the role she played. Even in death, she was still serving, royal biographer Penny Junor tells People.