Duchess Camilla stands by her husband Prince Charles.

Recent months have seen the Prince of Wales face scrutiny as Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan left behind their royal lives. But, according to a new Telegraph profile, Camilla has supported Charles amid the scandal and is even holding a grudge on his behalf.

Duchess Camilla's reported grudge against Meghan Markle

Since stepping down as working royals, Harry and Meghan have gone so far as to publicly criticize Prince Charles on a range of subjects, including his parenting and choice to cut them off financially.

Charles has been affected "very deeply" by the whole controversy, but Camilla has remained his "crutch" throughout, a source told The Telegraph this week.

As for Meghan, the Oprah interview made such an impact that Camilla now harbours a grudge against her, another source told the newspaper. They said: "I don't think the Duchess will ever forgive Meghan for what she's done to the Prince of Wales."

Prince Charles's reputation certainly took the biggest hit in the Oprah interview, while Camilla escaped relatively unscathed. But she's apparently quite unhappy with Meghan, as the new report singled her out instead of Camilla's stepson Prince Harry.

Meghan, Harry and Oprah interview 5 months later

Charles, Camilla, and the rest of the royals have only briefly addressed the Oprah interview, with one neutral statement by the Queen coming a few days after the TV special.

Duchess Camilla reportedly won't forgive Meghan for "hurting Charles."

But the new Telegraph report did note that Charles and Camilla "feel terribly let down" by Harry and Meghan airing their grievances for the whole world to hear.

Now five months on, we're still waiting for official follow-ups on the incidents surrounding the Oprah interview, including the investigation into bullying accusations against Meghan and the claims of racism and other troubling stories from Oprah with Meghan and Harry.