• Princess Kate reveals her plans for her time as Queen
  • She did not reveal these details to an ordinary reporter
  • THIS is what Kate plans to do as Queen

With the coronation of King Charles III (75), Prince William (41) and Princess Kate (42) have officially moved up in a succession spot. As the next royal couple of the British monarchy, they have plenty of work to do. But fans of William and Kate are also interested in what they will do when they are King and Queen one day.

No longer a secret: this is what Kate will do as Queen

In 2023, Princess Kate revealed what she wants to do as soon as she becomes Queen. As the 'Express' reports, she intends to "Help children".

Kate announced this noble request at the famous Chelsea Flower Show in May 2023, where she was asked about her plans for her time as Queen.

Duchess Kate at the "Chelsea Flower Show" 2023

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Princess Kate: She revealed her plans to THEM

However, it was not a reporter who elicited this answer from Princess Kate, but an eleven-year-old schoolgirl. "I asked her what’s the first thing she is going to do when she becomes Queen and she said she is going to help kids," reported Saron Fikremariam after the children's picnic with the princess. 

During the Flower Show, the children were all able to ask Kate their questions. One of the pupils wanted to know what it was like to be a royal. Princess Kate, who struggled with the demands of royalty herself replied: "You have to work hard."