• The Queen had an important rule for William
  • He regularly disobeys 
  • There could be great consequences

Prince William ignores the Queen's rule

Queen Elizabeth II (†96) warned Prince William that direct heirs to the throne should not fly together, so as not to jeopardize the future of the monarchy, as 'Express.uk' reports.

Prince William and his family have broken with this tradition and have often flown together.

Prince George is the second heir to the throne, followed by Princess Charlotte and their younger brother Prince Louis. The Queen was very concerned about the safety of the direct heirs to the throne and had made an unwritten rule that they should never fly together.

If disaster strikes, this rule could be important

According to Robert Jobson's book 'Our King', the Queen once had "sharp words" for Prince William after he left with his family for a helicopter ride to Norfolk. The Queen had warned William that a disaster could affect the future of the monarchy.

Despite the unwritten rule of the Queen, Prince William has disregarded the warning and has flown with his family several times.

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Among other sightings, the heir to the throne was seen boarding a helicopter with Kate, George and Princess Charlotte in the grounds of Kensington Palace in 2021.