• Royal style is always a popular topic
  • Many royals are highly influential in the fashion world
  • This is how royal style has changed over time

Royal fashion has been the subject of much attention over the years. 

From the monarchy to the present day, royal families have experienced a shift in their fashion choices from a more conservative style to a more relaxed look.

But years ago, royal fashion was more governed by formal conventions and protocols.

Royals of the past had to follow these fashion rules

Royal women tended to dress in elaborate evening gowns, ball gowns with long skirts, and hats, while men wore tuxedos.

Fashion was defined by a classical elegance, with a focus on the use of fine fabrics and high quality materials. Colours were often restrained, and hairstyles and makeup were kept discreet.

Accessories were an important element of royal fashion, and jewelry and handbags were key elements to complement formal attire.

However, over time, royal fashion has become more accessible and affordable. Many monarchs and members of royal families now adopt a more casual and modern style.

These are the wardrobe staples for today's royals

Queen Letizia of Spain is a good example of how royal fashion has changed. Since she became Queen Consort in 2014, Letizia has demonstrated an ability to combine elegance and taste, opting for a smart yet casual style.

On the other hand, Princess Victoria of Sweden has been recognized for her elegant and sophisticated style, which includes couture dresses and beautiful jewelry. The Princess has demonstrated a great ability to mix styles, and fans closely follow her fashion.

Also interesting:

Princess Charlene of Monaco often opts for classic swimsuits, trouser sets, and A-line evening gowns. Her fashion choices often include neutral colours such as black, white, and grey.

Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark is often seen wearing tailored suits with white blouses and simple accessories, giving her a sophisticated and elegant look. In addition, the Princess is known for her love of prints and bright colours, which add a touch of fun to her outfits.

In the British Royal Family, Princess Kate is known for her classic and elegant style. The royal has been praised for her ability to mix high-fashion clothing with more affordable brand names...

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