• The royal houses of the world are plagued by internal struggles
  • Some royals have been killed by others on account of their status
  • Here are five royals who were executed

It's not easy being a royal. Sometimes it can downright deadly. Stories of betrayal, murder, and mutiny have often been associated with the world's royal houses. And these examples prove just that. Here are five royals that were executed by their own government, from the oldest to the most recent:

These royal lives ended abruptly

Our list begins with a noblewoman who had a very short reign: Lady Jane Grey who live from 1537 to 1554. Known as the "queen for nine days", she was a noblewoman who seized the English throne from July 10 to 19, 1553. Edward VI nominated Jane among the candidates for succession, since her half-sister Mary was Catholic.

Also interesting:

The British council ultimately decided to name Mary the new heir. With her appointment in 1553 and the execution of Jane's father-in-law, the princess was imprisoned. Originally, Mary was going to spare her life, but decided to execute her at the age of 16 as well!

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