• The Royals have strange protocols
  • For example, Kate and more do not close the car doors themselves

A reader asked the experts of the Swedish Illu Svensk Damtidning this question. The answer was that the royals do not close the car door themselves behind them because of an old tradition, according to which it was not considered "royal enough" to do so.

Duchess Meghan

That's why royals don't close their car doors themselves

It's also about showing respect to the people waiting for them when they arrive. The royals should be able to focus on them immediately, not turning their backs on them first to close the car door. 

Sometimes, this protocol is forgotten. For instance, Princess Sofia "happened" to close the car door herself upon her arrival at Karolinska Hospital. And Meghan's sister-in-law Kate made the same "mistake" on her first appointment after maternity leave. Old habits from before life as royals just run deep.

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