• How do Prince William and his son George get along?
  • William and Charles used to have their difficulties
  • Did that carry over to now?

Royals expert Ingrid Seward explains in 'The Sun' how Prince William's (40) bond with Prince George (9) differs from his difficult childhood with King Charles III. According to the editor-in-chief of 'Majesty Magazine', Prince William has a "wonderful" relationship with his eldest son Prince George, which differs markedly from that with his own father.

Insider reveals: The true relationship of William and George

Seward believes that Prince William "is determined to make sure his children don't have to suffer from their parents' tumultuous relationship, as he and Harry did". Nevertheless, the relationship between William and Charles has developed positively over the years, and the world has been able to watch William faithfully stand behind his father in recent months.

Ingrid Seward wrote in 'The Sun': "William has a strong father-son relationship with Prince George. They watch soccer and rugby together, and the whole family dances at breakfast in the kitchen. This would never have happened with his father. The only time little Wills has had breakfast with his dad was a bust. Eggs and toast ended up on the floor, and Charles called the nanny over and said, 'We won't do that again!'"

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During the coronation, William kissed Charles on the cheek as he had tears in his eyes, and at the coronation concert he dedicated a moving tribute to King Charles III. In his speech, William said that the late Queen would have been a "proud mother" to see her son at the coronation and thanked his "Pa" for his dedication.