• Trouble behind the royal scenes?
  • Kate and William are said to be worried about Prince George
  • It has to do with Charles' coronation in May

Prince George (9) is said to be expected to play a much larger role than his brother Prince Louis (4) and sister Princess Charlotte (7) at their grandfather's coronation on May 6. 

As Second in line to the throne and future King, he shall have a "prominent official role", reports expert Hugo Vickers to Times.

Kate and William under pressure: They want to protect Prince George

For this reason, Prince William and Princess Kate are "concerned" that the nine-year-old could be under too much pressure. Royal commentator Tom Quinn suspects there is a "little debate" going on behind the scenes about what role Prince George could play on May 6 without putting too much pressure on the child.

Quinn told Express.co.uk: "I've heard from my contacts that there's a little debate about whether George should play a more formal role. I understand Kate and William are worried it might be too much for him."

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Who are Prince George's siblings?

Princess Kate and Prince William have made every effort to keep their children out of the public eye and to give them as normal a childhood as possible, despite their position in society.

While Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have already made a few appearances on official occasions, they are gradually being introduced to public duties. Prince George was accompanied in most appearances by his younger sister Charlotte.