• Duchess Meghan has always had a great style
  • Now she no longer adheres to the royal dress code
  • She looked very sexy recently

Now Prince Harry's wife is doing one better. At the Ms. Foundation's Women of Vision Awards, Duchess Meghan wore a long, sleeveless gold dress with cut-outs. The dress is tight-fitting and emphasizes her figure well. Meghan shows off a lot of skin, where even her tan lines can be seen. 

Is Meghan saying something to the royals here?

Meghan sure know how to show off what her momma gave her. A cut-out immediately below the chest gives the 41-year-old's outfit a sexy and cheeky touch.

Also interesting:

The mother of two has done without a lot of jewelry, except for a silver and gold bracelet and matching earrings and her wedding ring. Meghan wears her hair down and brushes it to one side...

Watch the video above to learn more!