• Harry and Meghan dish out against the Royal Family in their documentary
  • They don't let an allegation rest
  • Who is lying here?

A statement in Prince Harry's (38) and Duchess Meghan's (41) documentary Harry & Meghan in which they make blatant allegations in public, is reportedly a lie! A text panel right at the beginning of the Netflix docuseries introduces the Netflix series as follows: "Members of the Royal Family declined to comment on the content within the series."

All lies? Royals deny this statement by Harry and Meghan

This claim that the Royal Family did not want to comment on the Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan is said to be untrue according to People Magazine. The online edition of the magazine relies on several sources for this, which, however, are not specified in more detail.

It is they who say that no members of the royal family were asked to comment on the content of the Netflix documentary.

Also interesting:

According to another royal source, Kensington Palace was contacted via an email address believed to be from an unknown third-party production company.

The palace is said to have contacted Meghan and Harry's production company Archewell Productions and Netflix to verify that the source of this email was legitimate. However, no reply was ever given.