• As an actor, Meghan Markle is best known from Suits
  • Suits was actually her first full-time TV series
  • Duchess Meghan was a guest on many forgotten shows

Today, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is retired from acting. But long before she married Prince Harry, Meghan was a TV star, best known from Suits.

The series, however, was actually her first full time role. Before Suits, she started her career with guest episodes on countless TV shows, and many are long forgotten.

Here's a quick look at Meghan Markle's history on TV shows you probably didn't know.

Meghan Markle's series: From sitcoms to crime and soaps

According to IMDB, Meghan's first claim to fame came as an uncredited child actor in an episode of Married... with Children from 1995.

But her first true role was in an episode of classic soap opera General Hospital. She played a character named "Jill" in a 2002 episode.

Now how about crime TV? The royal of today made guest appearances on both CSI: New York and CSI: Miami way back when.

Meghan Markle on TV

Meghan was also in episodes of 2000s reboots of Knight Rider and 90210.

She played a character named Meghan in an episode of the raunchy comedy The League. And she was in an episode of the Nathan Fillion series Castle in 2012.

Also interesting:

Meghan joined the cast of Suits in 2011, which largely brought an end to her work on other series.

And with her marriage into the British Royal Family, she elected to retire from acting after Suits in 2018...

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