• William and Kate made headlines at the 2023 BAFTAs
  • Princess Kate smacked her husband on the butt?!
  • A lip-reader analyzed what happened before the moment

For a long time, fans have loved one highlight with Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry that you don't see so much from Prince William and Princess Kate: Loving gestures at public appearances.

That's because the heir to the throne and his wife typically avoid public displays of affection. But this butt slap really went viral!

A lip-reader analyzed William and Kate's BAFTAs moment

At the BAFTA Awards, the royal couple appeared in great looks and in the best of moods – especially Princess Kate.

They seemed in such a good mood that Kate kept close to her husband and even gave him an affectionate pat on his backside.

Also interesting:

Before that, she had whispered something in William's ear. Now lip-reader Jeremy Freeman seems to have uncoded the moment, as he explains to the Daily Mirror.

"How did you miss that?" the Princess is said to have asked her husband.

Wonder what Kate meant by that? We don't know for sure, but some Hollywood stars were also present at the award ceremony – it's possible that Kate was a fan of one or the other celebrity.

Body language expert Judi James also noticed Kate and William's ease on the red carpet...

See pictures and more in the video above!