After last month's announcement from Kensington Palace of Harry and Meghan's move to Windsor rather than staying in London, the Queen gifted the royal couple Frogmore Cottage. Now that their move is quickly approaching, security is tightening at the Windsor property. According to Hello! magazine, "new photos show high-tech cameras have been installed by the entrance to their house on the Long Walk." There are also visible signs to warn passersby that trespassing is indeed a criminal offence. 

Meghan made a surprise appearance at the British Fashion Awards

She presented an award very close to her heart!

Meghan made a surprise appearance at the British Fashion Awards

Lots of Work on the Cottage Still to do

In preparation for their first child, it is said that there is quite a bit of work to be done in the cottage still. They have plans to renovate the cottage and turn it into a five-bedroom home perfect for a family. It appears that many changes need to be made before it is fit for royalty, however there is no lack of space or resources to do so. 

Frogmore Cottage is a very special place for Meghan and Harry as it faces the incredible grounds of their wedding reception venue. We can't wait to get a closer look at the property when it is ready for Prince Harry, Meghan and their soon to be little family!