• Queen Mary attended a state banquet in Sweden
  • She opted for a transparent dress
  • She stole the show

Queen Mary of Denmark (52) made a stunning impression at a state banquet in Sweden. Accompanied by her husband King Frederik of Denmark (55), the couple received an invitation to a dinner hosted by the Swedish royals as part of their visit.

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Queen Mary in a lace dress: what a look!

The Queen made a striking departure from convention with her attire for this occasion. Wearing a long gown featuring a golden skirt and a transparent neckline adorned with floral motifs, she made a grand entrance.

Enhancing her ensemble, the elegant brunette paired her eye-catching outfit with a silver necklace adorned with purple stones, harmonizing perfectly with the floral embellishments on her chest. A magnificent crown graced her royal head, while golden bracelets added a final touch of regal elegance.

Queen Mary at an event

Queen Mary chose to have her hair elegantly pinned up, with delicate strands cascading gracefully around her face. Despite the illusion of bare skin under her top, glimpses of a skin-colored bodysuit peeked through in certain areas, ensuring that the royal's appearance maintained an air of sophistication and refinement.

Undoubtedly, Queen Mary commanded attention as the focal point of the glamorous evening in Stockholm, where esteemed guests included members of the Swedish royal family.

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