• Charles and Camilla have no known kids together
  • They each have two adult children from prior marriages
  • A man named Simon Dorante-Day claims they're his parents

As far as fathers and sons go, King Charles III and his sons Prince William and Prince Harry are among the most famous in the world.

But there is a man who claims he's actually the third – and oldest – son of King Charles. The alleged mother in his story? None other than Queen Camilla.

Simon Dorante-Day: Charles and Camilla's alleged "secret son"

The man's name is Simon Dorante-Day, and he has shared his unproven story in the UK press on several occasions. It goes like this...

Dorante-Day claims Charles and Camilla had him in 1965 when they were 17 and 18. He was born in Gosport, England, but he was given up for adoption.

Simon Dorante-Day

He then says his adoptive grandparents used to work for the Royal Family, and they're the ones who apparently told him the so-called truth about his biological parents.

Per The Sun, Dorante-Day says he was even given the middle name Charles as part of a secret adoption agreement.

The man's claim would have him born during the thwarted first relationship of Charles and Camilla, before either would marry their eventual first spouse.

Also interesting:

Not surprisingly, the Palace has never acknowledged the allegations, which go back several years.

Dorante-Day has nevertheless threatened to take legal action and wants DNA testing done.

He also runs a Facebook page, where he posts updates on his "investigation" and photos that compare his resemblance to the royals.

Dorante-Day lives in Australia and is a father of nine. We'll see if his claims ever get acknowledged by the man he says is his father: King Charles III...

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