Meghan Markle has made an indelible mark on the life of her husband, Prince Harry. At least that's what Sean Smith says, author of the book Meghan Misunderstood, who recently spoke to a British newspaper about the impact the actress has had on her partner's behavior and how the Duke of Sussex has become a "better man" since establishing a relationship with Markle.

Meghan Markle made Prince Harry "a better man"

In an interview with Daily Star, English writer Sean Smith stressed the importance that Meghan Markle has had in the life of her husband and father of her son, Prince Harry.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the red carpet of the movie 'The Lion King', in 2019

"Prince Harry is the man who served in two tours of duty in Afghanistan and it really was the making of him. His service career turned the boy into a man and his partnership with Meghan Markle has turned him into a better man," Smith explained.

The author also claimed that Meghan's charisma benefited the son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, as in his customary place within the royal family they never allowed him to develop as a public figure.

Meghan Misunderstood: A great defense of Meghan Markle

Published in November 2020, the book Meghan Misunderstood was received in the United Kingdom as one of the great public defenders of the Duchess of Sussex, who at that time was still suffering the media repercussions of having abandoned her duties as part of the royal family.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arriving at the WellChild Awards in 2019

Although its author, expert Sean Smith, has repeatedly praised Markle's behavior, it wasn't until his interview with the Daily Star which highlighted the hole that Prince Harry's wife left in the English monarchy.

"Historians would have you believe the royal family are boring at times, but Meghan Markle is not a dull person, she has a great deal of charisma that is now sadly missing in the royal family," he commented. "This is a woman of substance and that is not how she has been represented and hopefully there is still time for people to realize that. I don't want to knock members of the royal family, Prince William, Kate, and other members too, but Meghan has a different life experience than them. Meghan brought something that I think, is now missing," Smith concluded. 

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