• Spencer is the 2021 Princess Diana movie
  • Kristen Stewart stars as the royal
  • Is the "Maggie" character from real life?

Spencer, the 2021 Princess Diana film, opens with an epigraph. It introduces itself as: "A fable from a true tragedy."

So how about one of the film's most intriguing parts: Is the story of "Princess Diana" (Kristen Stewart) and her dresser "Maggie" (Sally Hawkins) part of the truth? Here's what to know about "Maggie." Spencer spoilers follow.

Spencer: The "Maggie" and "Princess Diana" story

You got this far, so you've probably already seen Spencer. Because the story of "Maggie" appears to have been rather unheard of until Pablo Larrain's film.

In Spencer, "Maggie" is portrayed as the lone confidante of "Diana" within the royal staff. The troubled princess clashes with the other employees, hardly speaks a word to a royal, and tries her best to support her sons "William" and "Harry."

Actress Sally Hawkins plays "Maggie" in Spencer

"Maggie" is a lifeline for the royal. But the story takes an unexpected turn when she confesses her love for "Diana" late in the film. The intimate confession seems to further inspire "Diana," who flees the oppressive Sandringham soon after.

Was "Maggie" based on a real person?

Spencer was written by Steven Knight, who has discussed "Maggie" in several interviews. He told Vulture she wasn't based on a "specific" person, but the character came from stories he heard directly from people in the know.

Also interesting:

Knight explained "Maggie" like this: "I have to tread very carefully when talking about specifics because I got the information from people who were there on the understanding that there was no specific identification of anyone."

So we might not learn just who "Maggie" was, but it sounds like Princess Diana really did inspire such admiration in women who worked closest to her. Spencer brought that theme to the screen with "Maggie," portrayed by actress Sally Hawkins.