• Queen Elizabeth II has been on the British throne for decades
  • Now she is withdrawing more and more from duties
  • This is also evident from her new job description

Queen Elizabeth II (96) has always stood for continuity and has dedicated her life to the British crown. As head of state, she has to fulfill a number of duties that are recorded in the so-called Sovereign Grant Report.

However, the new version of the report has changed the Queen's duties - for the first time in years. The main reason for this is the old age of the Queen, who can no longer take part in all of her appointments. Previously, her appearance at the annual opening of parliament and visits to other countries were required.

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Instead, the report says: "The Queen’s constitutional role encompasses a range of parliamentary and diplomatic duties. [...] The Queen and other members of the royal family in fulfilling a program of tours, garden parties, receptions, investitures and other official entertaining."

Queen Elizabeth II's family takes on responsibilities

The document also references the Queen's family, who can take on much of her responsibilities: "The Queen is greatly assisted by other members of the Royal family who undertake official duties on behalf of Her Majesty."

Put simply, these changes mean that Queen Elizabeth II has been relieved of many of her previous duties. To learn more, watch the video above. 

However, Queen Elizabeth II still keeps a few tasks to herself: She will continue to give important speeches, like at Christmas.