• Prince Andrew fell from grace due to the Epstein scandal
  • He lived at a fancy royal residence at the time
  • His home today may surprise you

So, where exactly is Prince Andrew these days? You rarely see the disgraced royal ever since he gave up his duties and settled a sexual abuse lawsuit out of court. 

Amid his downfall, Prince Andrew was stripped of many royal privileges. But surprisingly his residence was not one of them.

Prince Andrew KEPT his royal home? Which is...

Today, the Duke of York resides at: Royal Lodge. It's one of the centuries-old homes in Windsor owned by the British royals. 

Though Prince Andrew and his wife Sarah Ferguson divorced in 1996, she later moved to Royal Lodge and lives there with her ex today.

Royal Lodge, Windsor: The Country Home of the Royal Family.

Prince Andrew has called the residence "home" since 2004. Even the Epstein and Virginia Giuffre scandal has not forced him out of the Lodge.

Which makes sense – in its own way. At the secluded country home, the controversial royal avoids the public eye and possible further damage to the monarchy. 

Also interesting:

Around Royal Lodge, however, Prince Andrew is known to go horse riding. And some people seem to be aware that he's in the area... 

In 2021, a woman was even arrested for approaching his moving vehicle, thumping on the windows, and yelling as he drove by. 

It'll be interesting to see what the future holds for Prince Andrew. A royal comeback? Further scrutiny of his alleged conduct? Or perhaps just years spent at Royal Lodge...

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