• Queen Elizabeth also has an easy-going side
  • The British monarch loves a certain song
  • She can't sit still when it comes on

Can you imagine what a party in the British royal family looks like and what it is like when the Queen herself hits the dance floor?

Queen Elizabeth loves ABBA

In fact, Queen Elizabeth II (96) isn't able to sit on the chairs when a very specific song comes on. As The Sun reports, an acquaintance of BBC DJ Chris Evans is said to have been invited to a banquet as a DJ at Windsor Castle years ago.

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The backstory will surprise you!

Why Does Queen Elizabeth Have Two Birthdays?

After the meal, he is said to have played a world-famous hit that made the monarch dance. It is said to have been the ABBA song "Dancing Queen". And it really couldn't be more appropriate!

The British Queen, who recently celebrated her 96th birthday, hit the dance floor and later said: "I am the Queen, and I like to dance."

How sweet! Queen Elizabeth II is a real "Dancing Queen" in the truest sense of the word.