• Prince Andrew settled his sex assault lawsuit
  • Sarah Ferguson has stood by her ex all along
  • She was just spotted in new photos

Sarah Ferguson has stepped out in the aftermath of Prince Andrew's lawsuit.

Her ex-husband settled his sexual assault case this week, and Fergie has re-entered society in the days after. She was spotted driving near their home in Windsor and even attended a high-profile party.

Prince Andrew settles and Sarah Ferguson is out and about

Though Sarah and Prince Andrew are divorced, they live together and she has stood by him throughout his downfall. On Thursday, the 62-year-old was photographed in a Range Rover. She appeared serious and concerned.

Sarah Ferguson spotted after Prince Andrew's settlement

That's not all. On Thursday night, the Daily Mail spotted Fergie attending the birthday party of Dame Joan Collins. The actress celebrated her 88th in London.

So it looks like it's back to routine for Prince Andrew's ex. The royal himself stunned with a sudden settlement in his sexual assault lawsuit on Tuesday.

Also interesting:

By and large, the news has been met with harsh criticism and questions on where Prince Andrew will get the millions he'll have to pay out to avoid a trial.

He settled with accuser Virginia Giuffre, who sued Prince Andrew over allegations he sexually abused her while she was a victim of child sex trafficking.

Despite the sizeable settlement, Prince Andrew maintained his innocence and admitted only to regretting his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.