• The British line of succession is fairly well-known
  • Prince William is first, then Prince George, and so on
  • But do you know the royals after the Top 10?

When it comes to the British royals, you're likely familiar with the major players: Charles and Camilla, William and Harry, Kate and Meghan, and so on.

But the royals are a sizeable family! With many lesser-known relatives, who are nevertheless royals and occupy spots in line to the throne.

After the better-known Top 10 in the line of succession, here's a quick look at the royals who stand 11th to 20th.

These British royals come after the succession Top 10

11: First on our list is Princess Eugenie. She's the daughter of Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, the controversial second son of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

12: As of this writing, Princess Eugenie has just one child: her son August Brooksbank. The youngster, born in 2021, follows his mother in the line of succession.

13: Prince Edward is the youngest child of the late Queen. His place in line to the throne comes after his older brothers, Charles and Andrew, and their descendants.

14: Prince Edward has two children, and it is his son James, Viscount Severn who occupies the 14th spot in the line of succession.

Prince Edward's Family: Lady Louise Windsor's 17th Birthday

15: Then comes Lady Louise Windsor, daughter of Prince Edward. She's actually older than her brother James, but was born before the male-preference system was abolished.

16: Speaking of the male-preference system, Princess Anne is next in line. Though the second of the late Queen's children, she ranks beneath her younger brothers due to the old rule.

17: Then Peter Phillips is the elder of Princess Anne's two children, placing him after his mother.

Also interesting:

18: Peter Phillips also has two daughters, who follow him in succession. His eldest is daughter Savannah, who takes 18th.

19: And Isla Phillips is the younger of Peter and his ex-wife Autumn Kelly's girls. She stands 19th.

20: Rounding out the Top 20 is Zara Phillips, the daughter of Princess Anne. She and husband Mike Tindall's children start off the 20s in the line of succession...

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