• Royal hats have been an iconic part of fashion and tradition for centuries.
  • From simple to extravagant designs, these hats have captured the world's attention.
  • Discover the most iconic hats worn by members of royalty throughout history

From classic hats like the top hat to bold modern designs, royal hats have been an integral part of royal fashion and tradition.

Some of the most unique

As for hats and accessories, the royal family will always be in first place, showing mastery of the correct combinations and uses in the vast majority of events, regardless of the style of the hat.

Princesses Beatriz and Eugenia at 'Trooping the Colour' in 2010

However, among the masters of strange, extravagant and very unique hats, there will always be Princess Beatrice and Eugenie, who although their hats are not necessarily iconic, one of them has been immortalized in history.

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